A breast cancer diagnosis or staying on top of breast health screenings can be a timely and costly process. Komen San Diego researches and identifies the greatest needs of San Diego County and provides the community with the following breast health services to increase access to early detection and quality treatment.

Free Mammograms-Mobile Mammography

heidi with pups for webDial 2-1-1 to get a free mammogram or(619) 269-1299
The mobile mammography coach travels throughout San Diego County year round to reach women where they live, work, play and pray to remove barriers to getting screened. The coach provides screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, and limited biopsies. All uninsured, underinsured or low-income individuals can be screened for free on the coach. This service is provided by Community Health Imaging Centers of San Diego.

Cancer Diagnostics

(619) 542-4342
Diagnostic services like mammography, breast biopsies, ultrasounds and ancillary services are provided to low-income, uninsured or underinsured individuals (women and men) in San Diego County by Health Quality Partners.

sandra graphicFinancial Assistance

(858) 637-3210
Jewish Family Service of San Diego provides financial assistance to low-income breast cancer patients for their most critical financial needs during treatment.

Food Assistance

The community needs a no-cost meal delivery service for individuals and families affected by breast cancer and in need of nutritional support. Three meals a day are provided to a breast cancer patient and her family by Mama’s Kitchen.

Transportation Assistance

(858) 637-3210
Jewish Family Service of San Diego will provide transportation assistance to low-income breast cancer patients with transportation needs for their treatment and follow-up care.

Care Coordination

Dial 2-1-1 or (858) 637-3210
2-1-1 San Diego and Jewish Family Services serve San Diego County, including all areas supported by Komen San Diego, to help those looking for breast health services and help breast cancer patients overcome barriers to treatment and receive supportive services including screenings, diagnoses, treatment and follow-up care.


Central San Diego: (619) 205-6347
North County: (760) 631-5000 X7167
South San Diego (619) 205-6347
Central San Diego (619) 515-2327

To reduce the incidence of late stage breast cancer among San Diego at-risk populations, breast health education outreach programs will address the absence of consistent and accurate breast health and cancer information in the African American and Latina community. This outreach will be provided by the San Diego Black Nurses Inc., San Ysidro Health Center, Vista Community Clinic and Family Health Centers of San Diego.

Patient Navigation

Central San Diego: (619) 208-3440
North county: (760) 631-5000 X7167
Central & South County:
619-564-8139 x3138

These programs focus on coordination and improving access to and timely utilization of breast health services at any point after an abnormal breast imaging for primarily underserved, low-income and minority populations. La Maestra Family Clinic, Inc. has a comprehensive referral arrangement set up with University of California San Diego’s Moores Cancer Center for patients with abnormal breast finding diagnoses. Vista Community Clinic will provide patient navigation services to North San Diego County women.




In 2016, Komen San Diego contributed $350,000 to Susan G. Komen’s National Research Program. Next to the U.S. Government, Komen is the largest funder of breast cancer research in the world. Every step forward in the war on this disease has been touched by a Komen grant.