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Worship in Pink

What is Worship in Pink?
Worship in Pink is an opportunity for congregations of all faiths to spread the life-saving message about breast cancer screening and early detection. The main goal of the program is to provide breast cancer awareness and education, and increase the number of women receiving mammograms. Worship in Pink is a program held in various cities across the country. Watch Worship in Pink in action!

Who takes part in Worship in Pink?
Any San Diego church, synagogue, mosque or other interfaith organization!

To get involved:

•Identify 2 or 3 Ambassadors to represent your congregation. At least one Ambassador should be comfortable communicating via email and be able to serve as the primary contact for your congregation.
•Each Ambassador will attend an orientation and breast health training.

What does Komen provide?
For each registered congregation, the Ambassadors receive educational materials and guidance during orientation and training sessions. The resources include a sample bulletin announcement, educational materials, and training on breast health education. 

Community Outreach
Community organizations can also spread the message of the importance of screening and early detection. Promote breast health by distributing education materials to your networks.  We can provide breast health education materials and resources. Contact Annie Eddey (858) 573-2760 x 105 for more information and to obtain materials.