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(Komen Grantee)

Health Navigation Program: Breast Health Component
dial 211

The purpose of this project is to provide callers with easy access to breast health resources and ensure qualified underinsured or uninsured women are educated about the importance of early detection and receive regular screenings and follow-up care.

California Department of Insurance
Helping to provide different types of insurance to those in need.
phone: (800) 927-HELP (4357)

Provides patients with grants for basic living needs including medications, home care, child care, and transportation.   
phone: (800) 813-HOPE (4673)

CancerCare Co-Payment Assistance Foundation
Offering health insurance co-payment assistance to breast cancer patients undergoing some types of treatment.
phone: (866) 55- COPAY (866-552-6729)

County Medical Services
A program that funds medical care for uninsured indigent adult county residents. While not a health insurance program, CMS funds services through a network of community health centers, private physicians, and hospitals.
phone: (800) 587-8118

Health Consumer Alliance
Helping low-income Californians with healthcare coverage and services they need.

Family Health Centers (Komen Grantee)
Their mission is to provide caring, affordable, high-quality healthcare and supportive services to everyone with a special commitment to uninsured, low-income and medically underserved persons.
phone: (619) 515-2300    

La Maestra Community Health Centers
 (Komen Grantee)      
Providing quality healthcare to ethnically diverse communities.
phone: (619) 779-7900

Linking A.R.M.S.™
Is a partnership between Susan G. Komen ® and CancerCare for those who are eligible, Linking A.R.M.S.™ provides financial assistance grants to women with breast cancer. These grants can be used for oral chemotherapy and hormonal therapy medications, pain and anti-nausea medication, medical equipment and lymphedema support and supplies. 
phone: (877) GO-KOMEN (1-877-465-6636) or (800) 813-HOPE (4673)

The state funded medical insurance program for residents under 21 years and over 65 years.
phone: (916) 445-4171

Health insurance program for people 65 years and older. People with disabilities under 65 may qualify.
phone: (800) MEDICARE

Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP)
Provides health insurance for Californians unable to obtain coverage in the individual health insurance market because of their pre-existing conditions. Californians qualifying for the program participate in the cost of their coverage by paying premiums.
Phone: (800) 289-6574
Provides information on how to find help with the cost of medicine.
Phone: (800) 503-6897

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation
A Patient Assistance Program for patients who have no third party insurance coverage for their medicine.
Phone: (800) 245-5256

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA)
Offers low-cost and free prescription drug programs for those with limited income.
Phone: (888) 4PPA-NOW (888-477-2669)

Patient Advocate Foundation
This program provides patients with arbitration, mediation, and negotiation to settle issues with access to care, medical debt and job retention related to their illness.
Phone: (800) 532-5274

San Ysidro Health Center (Komen Grantee)
Provides quality, low-cost, primary health care services to South Bay & Central/Southeastern San Diego.
phone: (619) 662-4100

VA Medical Center
Provides high-quality healthcare to Veterans.
phone: (858) 552-8585

Vista Community Clinic (Komen Grantee)
Provides health education and clinical referrals to all uninsured women focusing those in most need including African American, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific Islander Women.
phone: (760) 631-5000